6 Best Action Camera Protector & Cases

action camera protector

Are you tired of worrying about your action camera getting scratched or damaged during your adventures? Whether it’s your old adventure buddy or brand-new gear, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of the best action camera protectors and cases available on the market.

With these protective accessories, you can capture epic moments without fear of harming your camera. Whether you need a durable case for rough terrain or a tempered glass lens protector for crystal clear shots, we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to blurry footage and scratches and hello to peace of mind knowing that all your accessories are protected.

What Are The Best Action Camera Protector & Cases?

Don’t leave your action camera’s safety to chance! Even if you are just starting your video creation journey, it deserves better than a flimsy case that crumbles at the first sign of trouble.

But let’s face it, sifting through all the options can be as painful as a root canal. So, let’s make this less sore and more enjoyable with our list of the best action camera protectors and cases on the market!

1) PCTC Screen Protector for GoPro


As an action camera user, you know the importance of protecting your device from potential damage. If you own a GoPro Hero 9, 10, or 11, the PCTC screen protectors are a fantastic option.

This protector set guarantees no pixel distortion screen images and crystal-clear quality through the lens.

The protector’s hardness level offers daily protection from scratches, sharp objects, and impact drops without reducing performance or practicability.


  • 99.9% High Transparency Crystal-clear.

  • Pixels are not distorted.

  • Oleophobic coating.

  • Touchscreen remains fully functional.

  • Easy and bubble-free installation.

  • 9H hardness and 0.3mm thick with six layers of coatings.

  • Compatible model GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11. (2020 release).

Kit Includes

  • 3 x Screen Tempered Glass Protection Film.

  • 3 x Tempered Glass Lens Protection Film.

  • 3 x Small Display HD Protective Film.

  • 3 x Screen Cleaning Paper.

  • 3 x Cleaning Cloth.

  • 3 x dust removal stickers.

  • Installation Instructions.



Bottom line

Camera protectors are essential for anyone who uses the GoPro Hero.

With the right screen protector accessory kit, you can ensure that your camera’s performance remains at its best while protecting it from wear and tear in your adventures.

2) Orzero Screen Protector for DJI Osmo


Protecting your camera gear is essential, and the Orzero tempered glass screen protector is the ideal choice for DJI Osmo users.

This durable protector provides high-quality, ultra-thin protection that doesn’t affect your viewing experience.

The 9H hardness rating and anti-scratch finish protect your camera screen against hard knocks, while the round edges prevent accidental peeling off.

Plus, it’s easy to install and has a lint-free dry cloth for dust-free maintenance.


  • 99.9% High Transparency Crystal-clear.

  • Thin glass for experience ultra HD clarity.

  • 9H strong-hardness prevents keys and other outside objects from being Scratched.

  • 2.5D Round Edges.

  • Maintains the Original Touch Experience.

  • Protected by Orzero Service and Lifetime Replacement.

Kit Includes

  • 3 x Screen Tempered Glass Protection Film.

  • 3 x Tempered Glass Lens Protection Film.

  • 3 x Small Display HD Protective Film.

  • Screen wipe, lint-free dry cloth, and dust remover.



Bottom line

If you’re a DJI Osmo action camera user, you need the Orzero tempered glass screen protector set.

It’s a small price, and you get a solid and affordable item to protect your camera.

3) Diruite Screen Protector for GoPro Old Models


This screen protector is one of your best options if you own an old GoPro Hero camera, like the 5, 6, or 7 models. It has anti-fingerprint technology, ensuring a crystal-clear viewing experience.

With 2.5D full-screen coverage, your camera is protected without affecting the touchscreen sensitivity. Made of high-quality industry-grade 9H hardness glass, these protectors prevent accidental wear and scratches.


  • Full-screen protector, including the screen and edges.

  • 99.99% High Transparency Crystal-clear.

  • Hydrophobic, anti-oil, and anti-fingerprint coating.

  • Touchscreen remains fully functional.

  • Easy and bubble-free installation.

  • 9H hardness and 0.25mm thick with six layers of coatings.

  • Compatible model GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11. (2020 release).

Kit Includes

  • 2 x Screen Tempered Glass Protection Film.

  • 2 x Tempered Glass Lens Protection Film.

  • 2 x Screen Cleaning Paper.

  • 2 x Cleaning Cloth.

  • 2 x dust removal stickers.

  • Installation Instructions.



Bottom line

Invest in the best action camera protector to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your old adventure pal. With this screen protector, you can enjoy a clear viewing experience without worrying about accidental wear or scratches on your GoPro screen. Protect your device and enjoy it for years with these top-quality screen protectors.

4) FitStill Waterproof Case for GoPro


Are you a fan of water sports or a diving enthusiast? Say no more; you need waterproof housing to protect your records while you enjoy diving, surfing, and snorkeling in the summertime.

The FitStill waterproof case offers upgraded sealing and a tight buckle for deep water diving up to 197ft without worrying about leaks. The housing is thicker and stronger, and the large flat glass lens ensures the highest image quality above and below water.


  • 60-meter waterproof case.

  • High-quality PMMA shell body.

  • Maximum image sharpness above and below water.

  • Water, Snow, Mud, and Dust Proof

  • Quick-release buckle mount.

  • Compatible model GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Waterproof Housing.

  • 1 x Quick pull movable socket.

  • 1 x Screw.

  • 12 x Anti-Fog inserts.



Bottom line

This FitStill screen protector is a must-have accessory if you want to take your GoPro camera underwater for deep diving. A strong and sturdy case, waterproof seal, and tight buckle ensure maximum protection for your action camera up to 60m. You can record clear and vivid images above and below water without worrying about water damage.

5) Smatree Waterproof Case for GoPro & DJI Osmo


To keep your camera and accessories safe while you drive to your next adventure, you want to consider the Smatree Waterproof Hard Case.

It’s made from durable ABS material, which protects the camera from water, dust, and impact. The foam padding on the interior is customizable to fit all your camera gear securely.

It is a challenging, sturdy, high-quality case you can rely on to keep your equipment safe, dry, and secure when moving.


  • Exterior size: 11.02″ X 9.68″ X 6.14″.

  • Max 3 cameras and Accessories.

  • Floaty, durable, watertight, and dust-proof.

  • Plenty of space for Cameras and Accessories such as suction cups, floating handle grip, head strap or chest strap belt, etc.

  • Stretch sponge

  • Non-slip handle.

Case details

  • Two layers for storage.

  • Mesh Bag.

  • Elastic Bandage.



Bottom line

If you’re a professional action photographer, you need a reliable hard case to keep your camera and accessories safe.

The Smatree waterproof hard case is perfect for GoPro and DJI Osmo action cameras. Its rugged exterior and customizable interior protect against shock, dust, and water.

Also, its compact size makes it easy to transport, so it becomes a must-have for anyone serious about protecting their camera gear.

6) Vamson DIY Medium Carrying Case


Were you looking for a simple, light, stylish action camera case? Look no further than Vamson’s protective case.

Their newly upgraded, impact-resistant PU shell and stylish black line patterns make their carrying matters stand out.

The surface material ensures waterproof protection, and the inner dividers are adjustable to fit any size of camera or accessory.

It’s easy to carry, making it perfect for traveling. It also comes in 3 sizes so you can choose the best fit to keep your camera safe.


  • Exterior size: 9.84″ x 7.87″ x 3.15″

  • DIY Inner Divider that can be adjusted to fit your storage.

  • Compact and easy to store in backpacks or carry-on luggage

  • Shockproof, water-resistant and dust-proof.

  • Plenty of space for Cameras and Accessories such as suction cups, floating handle grip, head strap, or chest strap belt.

  • Stylish exterior design.

  • Compatible with all action cameras, including GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 7 Black/6/5/4 /DJI OSMO action camera/AKASO/Campark/Insta360/Xiaoyi/EKEN.

Case details

  • Multi-functional partition.

  • Rubber zipper handle.

  • Mesh pocket with zipper.



Bottom line

The Vamson carrying case for action cameras is an excellent choice for adrenaline enthusiasts. It’s durable, waterproof, and versatile, fitting most action cameras, including GoPro Hero and DJI Osmo.

The adjustable dividers provide flexibility, and the compact size is ideal for traveling. The only downside is that it could benefit from additional dividers for better organization.

Types of Action Camera Protector

If you’re an action camera enthusiast, you know that your device can be subjected to harsh environments and extreme conditions.

Consider investing in a good-quality protector to protect your camera. Different types of protectors are available on the market, each serving a specific purpose.

Action Camera Lens Protector

The Action Camera Lens Protector is a transparent film that sticks onto the camera’s lens. It helps protect the lens from scratches, dirt, and debris, without affecting the image quality.

Action Camera Screen Protector

The Action Camera Screen Protector is a transparent film that sticks onto the camera’s screen. It helps protect the screen from scratches, cracks, and smudges while maintaining visibility.

Action Camera Protector Case

The Action Camera Protector Case is a hard-shell case that protects the camera and its accessories. It’s durable, waterproof, and shockproof, making it ideal for outdoor activities and travel.

Action Camera Waterproof Case

An action camera waterproof case is a protective housing that allows you to take your action camera underwater or in wet conditions without damaging it.

Why You Need an Action Camera Protector?

Whether you are a professional athlete who needs to record your training or a passionate adventurer who wants to capture every breathtaking moment, having an action camera is crucial.

With its ability to document your experiences, you can relive and share your exhilarating memories with friends and family for years to come. Still, it can quickly become damaged or scratched without a protector, leading to poor image quality and even a complete loss of functionality.

So, it’s important to protect your action camera with the best accessories, such as screen protectors and cases, ensuring it can withstand extreme conditions and continue to capture high-quality footage of your thrilling escapades.

Lens protectors help keep your lenses clean and scratch-free, ensuring you capture every detail with crystal-clear quality.

Tempered glass screen protectors add a layer of defense, preventing cracks and damage to your action camera’s screen.

With these protectors, you can enjoy your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that your action camera is protected from the elements and accidental drops.

Why Use Lens & Screen Protectors?

Lens and screen protectors are essential for any action camera user who wants to ensure their camera’s longevity and maintain image quality.

Screen protectors safeguard the camera’s LCD screen from scratches, smudges, and cracks, which could distort or block the display.

Meanwhile, lens protectors prevent damage to the camera’s lens, ensuring that images and videos captured are clear and unobstructed.

A lousy quality lens protector could harm the lens and create distortions, so choosing a high-quality tempered glass screen protector and lens protectors specifically designed for action cameras is crucial.

Using action camera protectors lets you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your gear is protected against potential damage.

How to Choose the Best Action Camera Protector?

When looking for the best action camera protector, you must consider a few things to ensure your durable action camera stays safe.

Firstly, check the touchscreen sensitivity, as some protectors can hinder your camera’s functionality.

Secondly, look for tempered glass lens protectors, which offer the best protection against scratches, drops, and other damage.

Lastly, ensure the protector doesn’t compromise video quality, as some lousy lens protectors can reduce image clarity.

Overall, a good action camera protector should balance protection and functionality, allowing you to capture high-quality footage without worrying about damaging your device.

Do Camera Protectors Reduce Quality?

Using camera protectors can be a great way to safeguard your action camera from scratches and impact damage. However, some worry that using a protector may reduce the quality of the images and videos captured.

A bad-quality lens protector can cause pixel distortion and negatively impact the photo and video quality. To avoid this, choosing a high-quality tempered glass protector that does not distort the camera lens is essential.

You can protect your camera with a suitable protector while still capturing high-quality images and videos with clarity and precision.

Is GoPro Lens Scratch-Resistant?

While GoPro cameras are built to be durable, their lenses are not entirely scratch-resistant. The lens can get scratched easily, especially during outdoor activities.

The best way to protect your GoPro camera lens from scratches is to use a screen protector designed for GoPro cameras.

A screen protector can help keep your GoPro action camera in top condition and ensure you capture high-quality footage every time you use it.


In conclusion, investing in the best action camera protectors and cases is crucial for protecting your valuable action camera. Whether a screen protector or a tempered glass lens protector, these accessories cover your camera’s vulnerable parts.

By choosing the right action camera protector, you can ensure that your camera remains safe from scratches, cracks, and other types of damage while preserving the quality of your footage.

Remember to consider all your accessories when choosing an action camera protector to protect your investment and enjoy your adventures worry-free.

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