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The Soubesociety is founded by three brothers: Pablo, Fela, and Santi. Born and raised in the 80s, we are a mixture between the analog and the modern digital world.

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For creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners, we will help you effectively share your message and grow your influence.

Three souls, one dream.

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Hello and welcome, readers!

How it all started…

We are three brothers born and raised in Uruguay in the 80s; we are a mixture between the analog and the modern digital world, seeing how technology has changed since the times when the internet needed to be connected through the line phone and lost the connection if someone picked up the tube to make a phone call. Many of you may not recall such times, but old guys like us still remember the 56k old-school dial-up modem sound when you connected to the internet.

The oldest, Pablo, is an engineer specializing in digital tools and optimization with a good eye for details and process design. Fela, the middle brother, is a literature and dramaturg writer skilled in theater plays, adding the artistic scenario to our skillset circle and enhancing the bases of successful corporal and verbal communication. Santi is the younger brother and a visual communication design graduate with deep knowledge in visual content creation, animation, and other useless things that are only good for gossip tv shows.

Growing up in South America has been, in many ways, productive but hard. A saturated, competitive small market that pushes you to a never-ending search for opportunities makes us real fighters.

My brothers and I have shared a lot of passions, such as the late-night soccer games, which took place at the infamous 33 Bowls Club. And playing with all the neighborhood crooks prepared us for the harsh reality that surrounded my hood: criminal activities, drugs, and poverty were what we grew up with.

Luckily our parents are honest and hard-working people who taught us how to achieve our goals through perseverance and hard work, and most importantly, they gave us love. So we grew up to be empathic human beings with the eyes and the experience that the hood gave us; this mixture has proven to be, in many ways, an enriching element for the background formation to embrace all kinds of opinions, experiences, and points of view. The most prolific cultural nest to grow up in is right in the middle so that you can appreciate what is given to you and have ambition for more, never forgetting where you came from.

Not as easy as it looks …

The spinning world is turning more rapidly towards stupidity, and most people are willing to absorb all the garbage that society produces through digital chaos. It is ok if you want to be a YouTuber or Tiktoker and make funny or silly videos; however, to achieve big success, you need to create the best content you can.

There are ways to make your creations more visually pleasing, with little details like the angle of the camera framing you, the background elements, images, or screens behind you. These little details may not appear significant but they profoundly impact the observer’s eye. When the visual information is transmitted correctly, for example, with a correct framing or the way the presenter is talking and moving, the message is decoded in a receptive manner. Of course, the content of what you’re saying will be understood, but we have to understand that communication also functions on a subconscious level that we don’t perceive.

The visual forms attract the observer’s attention, thus producing a repetitive image that sticks in your mind; simplicity, balance, and equilibrium are consistent ways to be remembered. Like logos on a brand, you want them to be attractive, striking, and powerful; the same happens with rhetoric, so you need extraordinary storytelling in your message. Adding all these elements to your video will, without a doubt, make your creations consistent and overwhelming.

With the mixture of our experiences, skills, and dreams, we have created Soubesociety, a broth of knowledge that, if well digested, will help everyone interested in creating a solid digital presence with modern technologies. This blog will give you an idea of what to do to start making exciting content and the best way to produce it.

¡Thank you, and let’s get started!   

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